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Artsy Weekend Scavenger Hunt

Artsy Weekend Scavenger Hunt

LaPorte County is home to a myriad of great art. Throughout the year, local artists fill indoor galleries with incredible pieces and host amazingly creative events. Now that the sun is shining and the weather is warming up, take a step outside to two of LaPorte County’s fantastic public art series. Don’t forget to snap a photo of each installation you visit and tag @VisitMCLP!



Downtown Michigan City is home to 14 outdoor colorful and ingenious sculptures. These sculptures rotate frequently, so keep coming back to see the latest. Find all the sculptures and listen to the artists’ insight on OtoCast, available for free in the App Store and Google Play. Here’s this year’s line-up:

  • Bear Family
    Look for a bear family across from Washington Park Zoo
  • Whoa
    The towering blue chair sits on 8th and Franklin Streets.
  • Waterbird
    This great blue heron perches on 5th and Franklin Streets.
  • Libretto
    The whimsical blue form dances on 5th and Franklin Streets.
  • Sol Invictus
    The metallic sun radiates on 9th and Franklin Streets.
  • House for Sandy
    Optical illusions and shadows appear on 7th and Franklin Streets.
  • Duet
    Two neck and head sections of string instruments play together near Lubeznik Center for the Arts.
  • Two to Tango
    The anthropomorphic wine bottle openers are entangled on 9th and Franklin Streets.
  • Dasein
    The remnants of a Detroit auditorium stand at Franklin Street and Hwy 12.
  • Red Green
    The abstract and colorful structure balances on Michigan Boulevard and 8th Street.
  • Celebrate
    The red female figure beckons on Michigan Boulevard and 4th Street.
  • Bright Days
    Yellow radiating spokes radiate on Spring Street and Hwy 12.
  • Mechanical Structure with Galaxy
    A galaxy collides with the universe on MLK Drive and Hwy 12.
  • Off the Diet
    The large granite piece engorges itself on 7th and Franklin Streets.
  • Iron Hooks, Center Pins and Master Plates
    An industrial puzzle looks towards the past on Wabash Street and Hwy 12.
  • Zeitgeist
    The rail movement of the past lives on 7th and Franklin Streets.
  • Isle of Caprine
    A goat ascends a tree on 8th and Washington Streets.
  • Tower of the Winds
    The tree-like column spins with the wind on 8th and Washington Streets.
  • American Gothic
    The one of the world’s most iconic paintings is transformed into a sculpture on 8th and Washington Streets.
  • North American Ice Fishing Circuit, NAIFC, is coming to LaPorte County for Indiana’s only National Qualifying Ice Fishing Tournament at Pine and Stone Lakes.


Joyful Noise

Joyful Noise

Five unique sound sculptures are tucked inside a few LaPorte parks and public spaces. Go ahead and make music on these large outdoor instruments:

  • Contrabass Chimes
    The chimes stun in both their towering appearance and low resonant sound in Kiwanis-Teledyne Park.
  • Yantzee
    Low notes create a rich canvas of sound in Unity Park.
  • Imbarimba
    Elements of two African Instruments, the Marimba and the Kalimba, are combined for a unique musical sound at Fox Park.
  • The Swirl
    These chimes range from Soprano to Alto in Plaza 618.
  • Manta Ray
    The two-sided, magical chimes make for the perfect duet at Civic Auditorium.

More Artistic Places & Spaces

Complete your artsy weekend scavenger hunt with a visit to one of Michigan City-LaPorte’s colorful and inspiring theatres, galleries and studios. Gather with artists and aficionados at an exhibit or show for an even more immersive creative experience.

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