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Good to the Last Drop

We all know the jingle, “the best part of waking up…” and the coffee culture is alive and well and we have an abundance of choices to fill your cup.

The coffee experience has exploded in recent years with the US consuming the most coffee, by volume, than the rest of the world. We are lucky to have, in our area, perennial chain favorites like Dunkin’, McCafe and Starbucks and more recently Biggby Coffee.

We have coffee for all tastes and the local coffee houses, shops and roasters should not be missed. Although coffee is no longer a simple cup of Joe, and there are many specialty drinks and types of coffee offerings. The taste of a good cup of coffee is all about how it is roasted. Local roasters like Maple City Roasters and Fluid Roasting Lab in Michigan City also offer bagged coffee and will ship your favorite to you.

The social aspect of coffee consumption cannot be ignored and our area offers many exceptional venues to meet and consume your favorite beverage and a light snack. This is just the start of the list and we assure you that you won’t be disappointed, so we challenge you to try our many coffee shops beginning with local favorites Lakeshore Coffee and Specialties, Hotspot Café, South Bend Chocolate, Rocky Mountain Café, A Whole World of Good, Beach Glass Café and Café Treehouse. The newest coffee house in the area is Evvy’s and boasts locally roasted beans, fresh daily home-made pastries and a delightful outdoor seating area.

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