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There’s a reason Michigan City is known as the “Coho Capital of the World.” Every angler on earth dreams of reeling in a prize catch, and the waters of Lake Michigan offer some of the best Coho and Chinook salmon fishing around. Not to mention steelhead, lake trout, brown trout, yellow perch and small-mouth bass.

Best of all, it’s easy to get out on the water for the fishing adventure of a lifetime with one of Michigan City’s professional charter boat captains. These experienced pros provide everything you need, from the boat, bait and licenses to lures and poles. The charters cater to parties of friends, families, plus corporate and other groups.

You’ll find the captains are avid fishermen themselves, dedicated to helping people of all ages and abilities, on trips that range from half-day to full-day excursions or “until we catch the limit,” as one captain puts it. An encouraging sign for sure! They’ll take you to the best spots, set up the rods, and help you reel in your catch.

Getting out onto Lake Michigan’s glistening waters is a pleasurable escape in itself. But the biggest thrill remains when that 15-pound salmon or 8-pound lake perch breaks the water’s surface at the end of your line. Your captain is there to guide you as the fish fights and sways, and you and your fishing partners swoop the catch into the net. Now that’s satisfaction guaranteed.

It’s normal for a fishing charter to accommodate six or seven guests on sleek fishing boats, ranging from 30 to 38 feet long. On the trip, you’ll learn a lot about Great Lakes fishing, the lake itself and your captain’s experiences. These pros love to answer questions and help achieve the goal of all their passengers – bringing home coolers full of salmon, perch and more at the end of the trip. Back on land, they’ll even filet your catch to enjoy later at home or even at your own lakeside barbecue in Michigan City’s Washington Park. Because of Michigan City’s location on the southern tip of Lake Michigan, the fishing season is long, extending from spring into fall, so there’s plenty of opportunity.

Michigan City also hosts several fishing tournaments each year, including the Hoosier Coho Classic with top money prizes and the Coho Capital Derby in May.

Not interested in fishing, but love the lake? Some of the charters provide sunset and other special cruises on the lake. One company offers yacht rentals with a crew aboard. So whatever your pleasure, Lake Michigan awaits.

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