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LaPorte County Haunts & Jaunts

LaPorte County Haunts & Jaunts

Fall is time for family fun…picking apples and pumpkins, winding through corn mazes, and dressing up in your favorite costume for trick-or-treating on Halloween. It’s also about haunted houses and telling ghost stories. Here’s a few of our favorite local tales and superstitions:

Belle Gunness – In this case, fact happens to be more interesting than fiction… Belle was a serial killer, thought to have killed at least 14 people but speculated to have murdered as many as 40. In 1908, her home caught fire and burned to the ground with human remains found but Belle’s death was never confirmed. Therefore, it’s believed that she faked her own death.

Gunness Tour – Start at the LaPorte County Historical Society Museum at the Belle Gunness Exhibit for a factual account of her life, visit the Pine Lake Cemetery as some of the remaining victim’s parts are buried in a mass grave there, drive past the area where the Gunness Farm once stood on McClung Road, and end at Patton Cemetery where the last 2 victims are buried. Paranormal Investigator, Patricia Harris, advises to take photos as you’re sure to get some great spirit orb shots during this tour.

Orr Lake Road – Legend has it that a young couple stopped along Orr Lake Road due to car trouble and the boy went for help, returned to find his girlfriend missing, saw drops of blood on the car and looked up to see her hanging from the tree above. There’s been reports over the years of ghosts hanging from the trees but there’s also rumors that the couple was killed by a hook man and he can be seen roaming that same area of road at night. So, you’re going to have to take the trip out there to decipher this one for yourself.

Gravity Hill – Located on County Line Road between Michigan City and Westville, stop your car at the bottom of the hill facing south just below the railroad tracks, put it in neutral and wait for the car to start moving up the hill and over the tracks. Rumor has it…a school bus was once hit by a train, so the children of the train are pushing you over the tracks. *Disclaimer – make sure no cars coming if you give this a try!

I Street Clinic/Beacon Medial Group – Located at the Corner of I & 10th Streets in LaPorte, it began as the home of George Andrew and was later occupied by the Robert Zimmerman family. Both reported odd happenings…from old coins appearing out of nowhere, the doorbell constantly ringing with no one there, clanking chains, a woman with Victorian clothing appearing in the upper window, etc. Even though the house no longer exists, people say the ghosts still do!

Home of the I Street Clinic now, employees over the years have reported flickering lights, flushing toilets, drawers and doors opening by themselves, empty bathrooms locked from the inside and the elevator running by itself. According the LaPorte County Historian Fern Eddy Schultz, it could possibly be the work of a Potawatomi Indiana girl supposedly buried on the grounds in 1838 or one of the two sisters who lived in the house both dying ill-fated deaths.

Devil’s Bridge – Located on County Line Road and US Hwy 20, in the prohibition era this area was supposedly used by gangsters to dump bodies on their way to Chicago. Apparently in the glow of night, you may catch a glimpse of a body or 2 or if you wait long enough, spirits will contact you.

Clear/Pine Lake – Three Bald Cypress trees that stand at the shore of Clear Lake off Truesdell Avenue known as “The Sisters” are beautiful throughout the seasons and have withstood the weather for decades. Although it’s been told that the trees were planted in memory of 3 young girls who met a terrible fate, in actuality, three boys drowned by falling through the ice in March 1928. There have been accounts of spirits walking the trails in the woods late at night or it might also be a young boy who drowned in Pine Lake years ago who some have seen and then disappeared right before their eyes.

Posey Chapel Cemetery – This is the number #1 haunted spot in LaPorte County as it’s said to be a ghost hunters’ treasure. Descriptions of orbs present, dark shadows, red lights, oxen bells, light streaming from the ground up and more. We would recommend a guided tour for this spooky spot, contact Patricia Harrison, Paranormal Investigator at 219.877.5059, or find on Facebook at Mystic Investigations of NW Indiana.

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