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Pick the Perfect Blueberries

Thrill Your Taste Buds
With LaPorte County Blueberries

If your pleasure is blueberry picking, now’s the time to plan a trip to LaPorte County…

Perfect Picking

There’s a certain sense of pride that comes with picking your own blueberries. Just take a look at any child holding up that blue orb of just-picked perfection with a grin that says, “I did it all by myself!” Blueberry farms abound in LaPorte County, part of the Northern Indiana region known for its primo growing conditions, especially when it comes to this tasty fruit. As your pail fills, so does your own feeling of accomplishment. Not to mention those thoughts of blueberry pie, muffins, pancakes, and jam on your horizon. Here are some options where you can pick yourself or buy already harvested. Call ahead or check online for dates and times of operation. Picking on most blueberry farms begins in July.

Billy Boy’s Blueberry Barn, Michigan City ─ Plenty of smiles go along with containers full of hand-picked berries at this friendly farm, which offers a large variety of blueberries. Visitors rave about the well-maintained rows and delicious pies and muffins sold on the weekends.

Blue Sky Berry Farm, Wanatah ─ You can make a day of it at this family operation just outside of town. In addition to blueberries, Blue Sky sells homemade blueberry jam, locally harvested honey, and cookbooks. Enjoy the picnic shelter and playground.

Blueberries of Indiana, LaPorte ─ Here’s another great spot to spend some time in a quiet, rural setting complete with picnic grounds shaded by huge oaks. Pick your own blueberries or they’ll do the work for you (phone orders recommended). You can also buy locally made honey, blueberry preserves, and on weekends – a fresh blueberry pie.

Stateline Blueberries, Michigan City ─ Blueberry pickers rave about the sweetness of the fruit and friendliness of the owners at this farm, in business for more than 20 years. Stateline offers a variety of blueberries that ripen at different times, so there’s more time for picking. They sell local honey, jam, and syrup too.

While Here, Visit our Farmers Markets

There’s so much to love about today’s farmers markets, and it’s more than just the amazing array of fruits and vegetables. Think artwork, flowers, and crafts, along with artisan breads and cheeses, homemade pies and cookies. The earth’s bounty plus a lot more is for sale at weekly markets in LaPorte County between May and October. Both the communities of LaPorte and Michigan City host markets each Saturday beginning at 8am. Don’t leave home without your cooler – there’s so much to fill it with!

Insider Tip: A drive in the country just plain feels good, and LaPorte County’s back roads often yield unexpected surprises along with peaceful scenery. Keep your eyes open for small stands that pop up throughout the growing season next to area farms. You might find cherries, tomatoes, or corn – whatever the crop of the day is – displayed on a simple table. The stands sometimes are unmanned, counting on an honor system where you take your produce and leave money in a box.

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