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WBC Figure 8 Barefoot Series

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WBC Figure 8 Barefoot Series

Silver Lake/Le Mans Academy
Rolling Prairie, IN 46371


About WBC Figure 8 Barefoot Series

On June 25th in La Porte County the World Barefoot Center will be holding the 1st of four figure 8 barefoot events. This barefoot competition involves two barefoot water-skiers barefooting side by side in a figure 8 pattern until one of the barefooters either lets go or is eliminated.

This grassroots USA Waterski sanctioned event will be attracting barefooters from all over the United States including 2 time world game gold medalist, 2 time world champion, and 11 time national champion Keith St. Onge. We are all excited about returning to the La Porte County area and would like to invite all to come out and enjoy the event.

Spectators at this event have the opportunity to converse and mingle with all the competitors as well as take pictures and videos as the action happens. Throughout the event we will be giving selected spectators the opportunity to ride in the towboat to see the action from only 70 feet away. We invite all to come out and enjoy the festivities and see some of the best figure 8 barefooters in the world compete.

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